Tactilian Face Mask Athletic Neoprene

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The Tactilian Athletic Anti-Pollution Face Mask

If wearing a mask is going to be the new norm and a requirement to allow businesses and the economy to open back up in many parts of the country, then a mask it is.

Not all masks are created equal. Ours have two distinct advantages:

1: They are functional

2: They are practical

Product Details:

• N95 Rated Filtration

• Each Mask Comes With Two Extra Replacement Filters (Total of Three Filters)

Why Tactilian?

Our athletic style masks are functional. The over the ear/behind the head Velcro system eliminates the need to constantly adjust and fiddle with the fit of the mask. Our mask is easy to speak through and they don’t interfere with breathing due to the gap they provide between the material and the users mouth. 

Our masks are practical by incorporating a replaceable/disposable N95 rated filter as the inside layer which filters out particles as small as .03 microns. The replaceable filter is surrounded by neoprene material to allow for a snug yet comfortable fit. In addition to the filter and comfortable fit, our mask has two exhaust valves to allow out flow of carbon dioxide.