Frequently Asked Questions


Question: Will this scratch my vehicle?
Answer: No. The magnets are made with 30 mil thick magnetic material and coated with a Matte Black Vinyl. They do not scratch, stick or leave any residue behind whatsoever. Don't worry, these won't damage your car one bit.

Question: Is the magnet easy to move around/take off/put back on?
Answer: Yes, the magnet is extremely easy to take off, put back on, and relocate anywhere you want to around you car. They are extremely durable and stick great on your car, but they are easy to take off for everybody.

Question: How long until I receive my magnet from the time I order to the time it arrives in the mail?
Answer: On average, your order will be delivered between 4 - 7 days after placement. If you order now, you should have it by the same time next week or even sooner.

Question: How big are these magnets? 
Answer: These magnets are approximately six inches wide and three and three-quarters inches tall (6 x 3.75). We also have a larger version of the same magnet available. There is a larger version that looks great on bigger vehicles such as trucks and SUVS. The large magnet is approximately eight inches wide and five inches tall (8x5).

Question: Is it easy for someone to steal?
Answer: We have never heard of an instance of someone stealing one of our magnets, although it is possible. They look like stickers from a distance and it would be very difficult to tell the difference unless a person got up close.

Question: Will the magnets fall off in the car wash?
Answer: We have kept ours on during many car washes and they haven't fallen off one time. However, it would probably be good practice to take them off before washing your car, just in case.


Questions: Will these magnets stay on at high speed and throughout cold winters?

Answer: These magnets are speed-tested at 110MPH and did not move an inch. These magnets are also tested through harsh Alaskan winters and remained intact throughout, no problem.

Question: Can I talk to someone with additional questions?
Answer: Yes! If you have any questions, please email us at, or contact us via our Facebook Page. We are very responsive and will get back to you as soon as we can.